Body art for pregnancy is a brand new art form and we are proud to present it in our studio. Some of the most talented artists in United States such as Lana Chromium and Evgola are working as a team with Diana Luckysova to create outstanding pieces of art that will not only capture one of the most important moments of your life but also take it to an absolutely incredible level of expression.

This is definitely a great way to teach your child how to appreciate art:)! Imagine what would they say when they grew up looking at such loving and unique photographs.

We are confident that you will leave our studio feeling like you've participated in something very special.

To see more of our art, visit our Art Gallery Site - www.ArtStreamSanDiego.com.

To book your body art photo session just send us a note to contact@angel-is-mine.com and we will get back to you shortly!